Compilazione modulo TBS 6922 per scheda digitale

Compilazione TBS 6922 download del media tree copia della cartella tbs/linux-tbs-drivers/linux/drivers/media/common/saa716x/ in media_build/linux/drivers/media/common/ copia dei file tbs/linux-tbs-drivers/linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontend/tbs*.h il media_build/linux/drivers/media/dvb-frontend/ copia del file tbs/linux-tbs-drivers/linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends/stv090x.h a media_build/linux/drivers/media/dvb-frontend/ esecuzione di v4l/ copia dei file tbs/linux-tbs-drivers/*.o a media_build/v4l/ Patch per rimuovere errori di compilazione make

TBS driver new try

Sometime I try to make the fuc…. TDB 6022 card working on linux without making the other card out of work. Yesterday I tried to build the TBS saa716x driver against the newest linux media, after patching a little bit everything compiles fine the remote works but the TBS6922 frontend which is already compiled in …