TBS driver new try

Sometime I try to make the fuc…. TDB 6022 card working on linux without making the other card out of work.

Yesterday I tried to build the TBS saa716x driver against the newest linux media, after patching a little bit everything compiles fine the remote works but the TBS6922 frontend which is already compiled in the TBS distribution generates a kernel oops.

Today I tried the other way, I entirely removed the CX23885 from the TBS tree and replace it with the one found in the latest media_build tree. The result was worst, I couldn’t even build the driver because the media_tree used by TBS developers is really tooooooo old. Kernel_version.h reports version

#define V4L2_VERSION 196608

which corresponds to a very very very very old media_tree linux-media-2011-05-31.tar.bz2

So for me by now no way to make the new cards using CX23885 working with the TBS 6922 card, so the brand new TBS6922 card remains off.

I’m still hoping to get and answer from TBS developers….


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