I recently bought a new XIOMI  phone with MIUI and I found some bugs:

  • not sending SMS with third party apps
  • google contacts sync missing
  • XIOAMI appstore starts instead of google play by default
  • Missing transations
Not sending SMS with third party apps

This bug is very strange, if you try to send messages using third party apps (not xiomi message app to be clear) you get an error ‘message not sent’. This happens even with the google message app. The solution is somehow tricky, the phone has two sim slot, you just have to switch the sim in the  other sim slot. It seems that only XIAMI message app can use the second slot to send messages.

Google contact sync missing

Having no contacts is on one of the things that make a phone useless. MIUI comes without contact sync app. This app cannot be found on the play store, it is only available through the ‘google installer app’ found on the XIAMI app store. From the google installer app you can install the google contact sync app. Obviously you have to do everything using chinese, not so simple but following some screen-shots you can go through the process.

Screenshot_2014-07-17-15-44-37 Screenshot_2015-01-06-14-44-58

XIOAMI appstore starts instead of google play by default

There seems to be no way to disable the dafault XIOMI store without rooting the device. Hope somebody will post some suggestions

Missing translations

It is very frequent to receive chinese messages which are very hard to understand.

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